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SkyBound Aerial Yoga Teacher Training $500Purchase required to enroll

Aerial Silks Teacher Training Module 1 $650Purchase required to enroll

Hacking the Hip Key with Elizabeth Sibert $45Purchase required to enroll

Hipkeys can be a hard skill to hack, but they can also
be tons of fun! In this workshop, we'll delve deep into the theory of
hipkeys, discover tons of new drills to help unlock this skill, and
dream up some fantastic ways to use the hipkey. This workshop is
suitable for beginner through intermediate level students who can
invert in the air at least once during a class (tagging with feet is
ok), can tie double foot locks in the air. Students who can already
complete a hipkey in the air are also welcome (and encouraged!),
especially if they would like to learn some new ways of thinking
about and leveling up this tricky skill!
Run time: 90 minutes (including group warm up)

Drops Theory with Elizabeth Sibert $45Purchase required to enroll

Drops are one of the best parts of aerials, but can
sometimes be intimidating. Gain confidence in your dropping
abilities, and improve your technical understanding of how drops
work. In this workshop, well explore the why behind rolls, dives,
slack drops, and more. Well also work on different ways to execute
them, how to put different components together safely, and of course,
do lots and lots of drops!
Prerequisites: Must be able to invert comfortably in the air
repeatedly throughout the 90 minute workshop. Should be able to
execute a basic star drop (it doesn't have to be perfect), and be
able to do x-back straddle and a hipkey in the air without difficulty.
Run time: 90 minutes

SPECIAL Event Purchase required to enroll

Thanksgiving Camp $150Purchase required to enroll

Thanksgiving Camp Monday 11/19 only $60Purchase required to enroll

Thanksgiving Camp Tuesday 11/20 only $60Purchase required to enroll

Thanksgiving Camp Wednesday 11/21 only $60Purchase required to enroll

Level 1 to 2 Transition Workshop $35Purchase required to enroll

"Whimsical Wonderland" 2018 Holiday Show SOLD OUT $22 per classNo purchase required to enroll

2018 Kids Holiday Aerial Recital-TICKETS $10 per classNo purchase required to enroll

Acro Yoga Workshop with Ezra LeBank No purchase required to enroll

San Diego

Bossy Flyer Creative Acro challenges our minds to reconfigure to unusual ways of action and communication. Exploring acrobatic dynamics that invert ordinary behavior, prioritize proprioception, non-verbal communication, absolute attention, and teamwork as tools for improving acrobatic skills, creativity, and discovery. And maybe a little acro party.

For Beginner/Intermediate to Advanced Level.
$35 per person in advance, tell your friends!
($40 at the door)

Register by paying:
Venmo to @ezra-lebank
Paypal: paypal.me/bossyflyer
Cash App: $bossy
Or email that you'll bring cash to bossyflyer@gmail.com

Instructor Bio

Ezra LeBank is the Head of Movement and Associate Professor of Theatre Arts at California State University, Long Beach. He has taught at The Juilliard School, Purchase College, Smith College, The University of Montana, and Vassar College. He teaches and performs across the world including recent workshops and festivals in Sweden, France, Poland, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Ireland, England, Scotland, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Israel, Estonia, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, and across the United States. He is recognized as a specialist in Acrobatics, Biomechanics, Contact Improvisation & Clown. His acrobatic theatre show FLIGHT performed Off-Broadway in 2016 and is nominated for the Critics Choice Awards Best Touring Show of the Year in San Diego for 2017. Ezra has been a featured instructor at the Israel Acrobatics Convention, Nordic Acro Festival, Philly Take Phlight Festival, New York Acro Fest, AcroLove, Divine Play, MOVE Copenhagen, Helsinki Acro Week, and in workshops worldwide. He's kinda bossy.

"Logic will take you from A to B. Bossyness will take you everywhere." -Albert Einstein(ish)”

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