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Aerial Teacher Training 100 hours $2,000Purchase required to enroll

Aerial Straps Workshop with Thomas Mangin $55Purchase required to enroll

Spanish Web Workshop $35 per classNo purchase required to enroll

Technical Sequencing Mixed with Act Development w/Tammy Firefly $65 per classPurchase required to enroll

This 3 hour workshop is designed to develop unique dynamic sequencing, transitions and techniques for creating a full choreographed act while exploring your personal style in the air.

The workshop is broken down into two sections. First 1.5hr we will cover unique climbs, transitions, technical sequencing, and dynamic movement in order to expand your repertoire.

Second half focuses on act development. We will develop tools for creating a full choreographed aerial act using tools to build confidence and stage presence. We will incorporate unique character work and fine-tune interaction between both the silk and the audience. We will also cover music selection, costuming, working with form and body lines, using multiple dimensions within the air for speed, body extension while using height and the space around you for ultimate enhanced performances. A great workshop for those of you interested in performing or just want to gain confidence in the air for your personal practice.

Comfortable in the air with basic moves such as at least one climb to the top, hip key's, and straddle backs. Anyone Inspired to learn new technique and build an aerial act. All levels welcome.

Tights(covering the knee) sticky spray or chalk, healthy light weight snacks, water, note pad/pen and a camera if you would like to film yourself. (highly recommended for ultimate growth)
Smiles, good vibes and ready to learn while having lots of fun.